How social media marketing has changed the Influencer market

Influencer marketing isn't a new idea. It has been there for decades where celebrities were paid to endorse products as a way to create product awareness or boost sales. Over time celebrity endorsement lost its authenticity since people associate it with monetary compensation. Potential customers view the endorsement as purely business rather than a genuine... Continue Reading →

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The essence of micro influencers and brand ambassadors

What are micro influencers and brand ambassadors? Two decades ago, the most effective way of advertising and creating awareness was TV commercials. Can we say the same thing today? Nowadays most people don't watch TV and even those who do respond by changing the channel whenever they smell a commercial break. The face of advertisement... Continue Reading →

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Deforestation in Kenya; Lets Save Flora

Will there come a time when we shall be bold enough to condemn deforestation in our beautiful country Kenya? Over the past 2 decades we have cleared over 40% of what used to be forest area. Kenya needs someone who can step in the shoes of the late Wangari Maathai. Someone bold, brutal and will... Continue Reading →

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Types of bears left in the wild today

Human beings are pushing wild species to extinction. There were over 100 types of bears in the wild based on fossil evidence but this has then been reduced to only 8 species. The following are the bear species you can find in the wild confined to Europe, Asia, North America, and South America: Asian black... Continue Reading →

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Stop skin bleaching black is beautiful

Skin bleaching has become a norm these days. The practice is common among women, girls and recently men. What happened to our black is beautiful? I am black and proud? Where did we go wrong?

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The best Insurance Companies in Kenya 2019

Insurance companies in Kenya have struggled over the past 3 decades and this explains why in a country with an estimated population of 50 million has less than 300 registered insurance companies. Kenyans have a different way of viewing risks, they like living in the present not caring about the

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The Big 5 in Kenya Wildlife Reserves

Kenya is a democratic and peaceful country located on the horn of Africa. With an estimated population of 42 million, this is the place to be if you want to have a taste of natures finest wildlife. Kenya Wildlife Reserves boasts of having the big five animals elephants, lions, rhinos, leopard, and the giraffe. Most... Continue Reading →

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Why you should have your own blog

Do you always turn to the internet whenever you need something clarified? Learn something new or simply gather more information about a certain topic? The internet is one of the greatest human invention allowing you to access the millions of web pages online. Well, the pages you read on the internet were written. A personal... Continue Reading →


The current state of dating in Kenya

Dating in Kenya has become quite a complicated affair. The current generation of men are not willing to settle down for something serious whereas the vast majority of ladies are all after money. Where did we all go wrong? Growing up there were lots of quotes about true love and marriage well, in the current... Continue Reading →

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