Kenyan Politics: Fighting Tribalism in Kenya

Can politics win the fight against tribalism in Kenya? Other countries choose their leaders based on their ideology and what they can deliver but can we say the same thing about Kenyan politics? In a country boasting of having 42 tribes we should be proud of our diversity but instead, our leaders use this as the basis of politics. The 2007 post-election violence scar hasn’t even healed yet, what shall it take for us to learn?

Fighting tribalism in Kenya: even the police come from a given tribe

Tribalism in Kenya

12 years down the line and still we are divided along ethnic lines. When will we ever change how we elect our leaders? Politics should be about ideology not because someone comes from your ethnic community.

Kenyans love complaining

Kenyans are very good at complaining. They will complain and demonstrate on about just anything: poor roads, lack of job opportunities, failed projects, delayed payments just to name a few. Well, it is a constitutional right to complain but most of the times if not every time such complains fall on deaf ears. The leaders we elected are very busy using the money meant for development for their own selfish gains. How can they possibly listen to your complains yet you will vote for them again in the next election? How can we not vote for them yet they come from our ethnic community?

We can change politics in our country

The people we elected are corrupt and fraudulent. They steal money meant for development pumping it to the economy causing inflation. We should stop complaining that the government is not doing anything. Let us start here, who is the government. The government is the will of the people for the people.

We should bear the responsibility of bad leadership since we are the citizens who elected the current lot of corrupt leaders. They say once bitten twice shy, somehow this saying never makes sense to Kenyans. In the current fight against corruption, people are ethnicizing the fight. These people have stolen our money yet we are foolishly defending them just because they are our tribe-mates? Really? What is the dictionary meaning of the word foolish? Somebody, please remind me!

Kenyan politics should be based on ideology

Unless we change how we elect our leaders the gap between the rich and the poor will continue increasing. Just like Martin Luther King; “I have a dream that one day Kenyan Politics will be idea based rather than tribalism animosity.”Be the change you need in this country

Written by Francis Nderi

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