How to Stop finishing early during sex

There is nothing that lowers a man’s ego than ejaculating prematurely when performing “the deed”. The feeling is worse than a heartbreak especially when it’s a new catch and you had promised her heaven only to end up coming short. If this happens, least assured that is the last time you are seeing her naked. So, how do you stop premature ejaculation?

The scope

There is never a time I heard guys talking about how they ejaculated prematurely. They all say, “I smashed that thing till morning”, she was moaning and screaming all night”… Girls, on the other hand, talk openly and trust me, if you cum fast there is no way her friends are approving you. On the other hand, if you give her an A game, you stand better chances of banging one of her friends of not all.

Now let’s face it, is there any man reading this that would honestly claim that he has never had a premature ejaculation when having sex? Every man has had such a moment!

Ways to stop finishing early

If you want to make a woman fall for you fast, make her feel like a woman in bed, If you give her multiple orgasms she will always keep you around. When the d**k is good certainly looks don’t matter. This is how you stop premature ejaculation:

1. More foreplay

Its frustrates women when a man goes straight to penetration without foreplay. Here is a shocking fact, it’s easy to make a woman orgasm through foreplay than penetration. Women lover and adore foreplay, if you are good at it they can even tolerate you cumming in 3 seconds. Just kidding, but literally, they can. As a man, the first step to stopping premature ejaculation is through paying more attention to foreplay. Foreplay reduces anxiety in men. If you didn’t know, anxiety causes premature ejaculation.

2. Exercise

‘Have you ever wondered why ladies admire fit guys? Well, its because they are good in bed. Exercises increase testosterone hormone in the body. people who exercise have hard erection and stamina. It’s for a fact that people who exercise last longer in bed. If you were looking for a perfect motivation to hit the gym here it is.

3. Slow down

Ever heard of slow and sweet? Women like it when slow at first. I don’t know who gave men this damn idea that women like if fast. Yes, they do, but this is when they are nearing their orgasm. In the beginning, you have to be slow to give her time to lubricate. Hello!?? Certainly, doing it fast when your mind is not settled causes premature ejaculation. Slow down, no one is rushing you. Its all yours, not like she is gonna change her mind or something?!

4. Take deep breaths

I understand that when it comes to sex it’s hard to think straight. Adrenaline is on highs, and you are all breathing heavily. If you feel so tensed, take deep breaths and this will increase oxygen transported to the brain. Might save you a few minutes and this might be what she needed to climax.

5. Divert your attention

Imagine her telling you don’t stop yet you just ejaculated? You have to ride with a flat tire. Jokes aside, when you feel like you are about to cum, think about something else. Ideally, something that disgusts you. Or you can try reciting the alphabets backward from Z. Thank me later.

6. Condom sex

A condom is made of latex and reduces the sensitivity of the glans penis. If you skipped science classes glans penis simple means the tip of the penis. This region has more nerves and plays a huge role in primary ejaculation especially for sex newbies.


How long you take to cum decides on whether you are going to be seeing her again not. With the 5 techniques on how to stop premature ejaculation, you should get at least a rematch.

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