What if women had a penis just for a day?

Women are amazing and mesmerizing creatures. However, this doesn’t change the fact that every woman had a fantasy about having a penis at some point in their life. What if, every woman would have a penis for a day what would they do?

Measure it

If women had a penis for a day they will definitely measure it. Not once, not twice. They will know the exact length in centimeters and millimeters. Well, it is expected having seen several penises. Every woman would want to know how big their gadget is.

Jump up and down with an erection

Women are always cheeky and this is what makes them amazing. That’s why most of them would jump and down with an erect penis if they had it for a day

Beat the meat

Women masturbate a lot. Unlike men, they prefer masturbating through fantasy rather than porn. Who said that if she gets a penis for a day she won’t masturbate?

Screw as many people as she can

She will call all her girlfriends and insert the thing in all of them. Her goal would be to determine whether the chocolates taste differently or they are all the same.

Burst a nut

Women wish to know how it feels to be on the other end of an orgasm. If she had a d**k even for just a few minutes the first thing she will try to do is bust a nut.

Pee while standing

Women have always wondered what if feels like peeing while standing. Honestly, most ladies think that men are lucky over the fact that they can pee just anywhere. For a woman, she has to drop her pants down to pee. When she gets a penis for a day she will definitely try peeing while standing. And, why not?

Final verdict

Though its scientifically impossible, if women would have a penis for a day, everything would come to a standstill. They would all be indoors doing all sorts of crazy things.

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