Why women fake orgasm: Everything you need to know

Is there any woman out there who has never faked an orgasm? I know this is a sensitive topic but, hello someone has to talk about it. Let’s start off by stats on how often women orgasm.

How often do women orgasm?

women fake orgasm how often?

If stats are anything to go by only 1 in 7 women are likely to orgasm. As if that’s not astonishing enough the vast majority of women worldwide have never had a real orgasm. Only about 25% of women have had the honors of hitting their big O”

What is an orgasm in women

There is a great difference between cumming and orgasm. Women cum by releases a colorless fluid that make them more wet and aroused. When a woman cums there are some contractions but they barely last 5 seconds. For an orgasm, the contractions can last for up a whole minute. During this time, she runs out of breath making her breathing heavily and some start shaking vigorously. I know, most probably you have never got here or you didn’t even know such a thing exists. Yet another reason why you should read this post on why women fake orgasm.

Why fake it?

1. Get done with it

Women get bored easily. It might be something they heard when in the process or the sex is boring. Imagine being with a woman and she is wishing she went to the salon instead? Ouch! Women fake orgasm to if they are bored and they want the whole thing to end so that they can do something else.

2. Make him feel good

As much as women are cruel at times, personally I think they are mesmerizing and adorable. Women are ready to fake an orgasm just to make a man feel good about himself. And the following morning he will be bragging to his friends, “I smashed that thing till morning, you should have seen her she wasn’t even able to breath”. Poor thing!!

3. Happy ending

We all want a happy ending where both the man and woman orgasms. What is she supposed to do if you cum up short and cum in 3 minutes? She will fake an orgasm to ensure a happy ending. Can you blame her?

4. Consistency

The problem of faking an orgasm is that you will have to do it, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and so on. Here is the deal, you will have to fake it orgasm each and every time you screw him just to be consistent otherwise he is going to start weird questions like didn’t you like it, blablabla!

5. Lack of knowledge

As they said, “our people are perishing for lack of knowledge”. As mentioned earlier, Only about 25% of women have had a real orgasm. Most of the women out there don’t even know how it feels to orgasm. Just a slight contraction and they will be screaming at the top of their voice. Ouch! Perhaps you should try out different sex postions maybe then you will orgasm

Final Verdict

It is not a secret that women fake orgasms. I don’t know if this will stop in the future but at least you know why they do it.

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