Fighting Corruption in Kenya: A Battle to Lose

The fight against corruption in Kenya cannot be won with the current judicially system. We thought that with devolution we would have more job opportunities and each county will be entitled to development. Where are we on this? More money is being routed and the suspects are walking free.

Fighting corruption in Kenya-third eye blogs

Understanding what corruption is doing to our economy

Just a decade ago there were only 5 billionaires in Kenya. Uhuru’s family, Kris Kirubu, Patel, Moi’s family and Chandaria. Our politicians coaxed us into changing the constitution but what we never realized was that we were adding more political positions. In case you didn’t know, Kenyan politicians are the most paid in the world.

Members of parliament in Kenya want an increase in allowance

Well, just the other day they wanted a salary and allowance increase. People of the oghast house want their “side chicks” covered under their allowance. All this in a country with 80% unemployment among the youths. But, who cares, we are going to re-elect them anyway, they are our tribe-mate!? The corruption cases involves billion of shilling and, are you aware of the 21 billion dam saga, yeah the one that a prominent politician claimed was just 7 billion. Hello, when did 7 billion become pocket change? To cut the long story short, that’s where we are as a country, some people are pocketing billions as pocket change.

Inflation in Kenya due to corruption

Seems like it not only the politicians are routing money. Did you hear of the NYS scandal? What of the Kenya power scandal? A few months ago it grabbed the attention of the media that a receptionist in one of the prominent companies could afford a real estate. No offence but with a basic salary of no more than ksh40,000 I simply cant comprehend how this was possible. More money has been pumped in the economy causing inflation


We are killing the future generation of the country. Back in my time we used to be enrolled in campus with 69 points, The number has then dropped to 56 points. We made our higher learning education lose value, right now everyone is a graduate. Education is no longer the key in Kenya. Connection is! You can have a masters degree but with no connections these will just be mare papers. With money you can buy education in Kenya

Gap between the rich and the poor

The gap between the rich and the poor is widening each and every day money is being routed. When shall we ever be deliver from this animosity by the name tribalism? When someone “steals” money and we are very quick to respond “they are profiling one tribe.” Hello, what share of money did that individual lend you? And, do you even know that the money routed was borrowed and has to be paid with interest? Do you know who will pay these money? Tax payers, does the term sound familiar? In case you are wondering, politicians are exempted from tax.

How to succeed in fighting corruption

Just like tribalism, corruption is another beast that we should fight. But, how can this be possible if the judiciary has being letting prosecuted suspects walk away claiming there was no evidence. How foolish are we as Kenyans? This money was transacted through banks accounts with individual names yet there is no evidence? I refuse to believe this. Are our media houses doing enough?

Good leadership

Tribalism has paved way for bad leaders, leaders we solemnly elected either because they bribed us during election or are from our tribe. Instead of being proud of our diversity we are using it against each other. The key to fighting corruption is good leadership, leadership that will be based on ideology and competence.

Reform the judiciary system

Our Kenyan judiciary system has painted corrupt fellows as heroes. No single person has been prosecuted yet. Is the judiciary above the law? Is the judiciary greater than the will of the people? We are yet to see.

Final verdict

Kenyans should be the change they need in the country. We have the power to change everything. “Tuko pabaya kuliko jana.” What shall it take to open our eyes? I refuse to believe that we are foolish, are we?

Written by Francis Nderi

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