The best Insurance Companies in Kenya 2019

Insurance companies in Kenya have struggled over the past 3 decades and this explains why in a country with an estimated population of 50 million has less than 300 registered insurance companies. Kenyans have a different way of viewing risks, they like living in the present not caring about the future. Most will argue, “why should I pay for insurance yet the risk insured might never happen.” The question is, what if it actually happens? With that said here is a list of the best insurance companies in Kenya.

Property damage, yet another reason you must ensure with the best insurance companies in Kenya

7. Madison insurance

Madison Insurance was registered in 1988 and was as a result of a merger between Crusader Plc and Kenya Commercial Insurance Co-operation. The company has made quite a name for itself especially as a life insurance cover and very recently medical cover. The company is not all about making profits but also runs charity programs and host seminars to educate people on the need to save.

6. Pan Africa Insurance

Established in 1947 Pan Africa Insurance was the first insurance company to offer life insurance with no medical test needed. The don’t exclude HIV/AIDs in their medical coverage and it is for this reason that Pan Africa Insurance reserved a spot on our list. They have some of the best insurance covers in Kenya.

5. Britam Insurance

Britam Insurance is undeniably one of the largest insurance company not only in Kenya but also in East and central Africa. They cover just anything, from car insurance, medical covers, life insurance, property insurance just to name a few. For an insurance company with the best customer services, it would be unfair to snub Britan a chance to be on our list of the best insurance companies in Kenya.

4. UAP Insurance

Initially formed as a life insurance company back in 1994 UAP Insurance Company was as a result of a merger between Union Insurance and Provincial Insurance. UAP is the most used medical cover in Kenya only second to NHiF which is a subsidize cover.

3. APA Insurance

Formed in 2003 after a merge between Apollo and Pan Africa General Division, APA Insurance offer just any type of cover you might need. From general, life, medical, car insurance, and property insurance. APA insurance has branches across every major city in Kenya.

2. Co-operative Insurance Company (CIC)

CIC has cemented its legacy in the Kenyan insurance industry as one of the best if not the best. They cover just anything and are quite famous for their lenient car insurance policies. There is a CIC branch in every town in Kenya. This is not only a good company to insure with but also to work for!

1. Jubilee Insurance

You can’t say you didn’t see this coming, can you? Jubilee Insurance has dominated the industry for over a decade winning countless awards and being a top pick for most Kenyans. The company was formed in 1937 and boast of a wide network not only in Kenya but also in East Africa.

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