About the Author (Francis Nderi) – Third Eye Blogs


Francis Nderi - Author of Third Eye Blogs

Francis Nderi’s is a graduate with a bachelors degree in Economics & Statistics. His experience as a professional writer began on Upwork where he worked as a freelancer for more than 7 years. He is still working on the platform but on a part-time basis.

Why start a blog?

Blogging was an idea he had for a very long time motivated by the fact that he used to write blogs for clients. Well, in most cases he never got credit as the author since they were ghost writing positions. One day as he was doing his usual research he came across an article, it looked familiar and was ranked number 1 on Goggle search engine. After digging deep into his memory it hit him that was one of the article he wrote back in 2015.


Francis goal is to not only inform but also entertain. There should be a clear difference between a blog post and academic papers. Life is too short to be serious on everything.

Contact Info

Francis Nderi can be contacted via mail on


You can also find him on Linkedin.

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