Bad Leadership in Kenya the Root Cause of all Problems

Bad leadership is to blame for the high unemployment rate among the youths, corruption, fueling tribalism and the current drought in Kenya. Even with the 2007 post-election violence scar still fresh in our memories we are still divided along ethnic lines. Rather than voting for someone with development agendas, we vote for our tribe-mate.


Does the term corruption sound familiar to you? Kenya is a corruption free country where every corrupt individual is brought to book, right? Honesty, corruption is bleeding our country to death. Even worse, corrupt individuals are painted as heroes for looting money and walking free despite being arraigned in court. But anyway who cares, he/she is our tribes-mate. What’s wrong with us as Kenyans? Are we that narrow minded?

In the United States, close allies to Trump the current sitting president are being prosecuted for corruption and face a possible jail term. That’s civilization. In 1963 we gained our independence but for what? Seems like we are being colonized by our very own.

Bad leadership is the root cause of all problems in Kenya

The only way out is uniting as a country and stop being divided along ethnic lines. Meanwhile in a certain county in Kenya leaders were served with dirty water for not providing them with clean water. As a country, this is the direction we should take. Politicians are not gods if they don’t deliver they should not be voted for in the next election. It’s that simple!


Elephant dies in North Eastern Kenya due to drought after Mau Catchments were cleared for settlement. Bad leadership in Kenya

Will there ever be another Wangari Mathai in Kenya. More trees are being cut every year without planting new ones. We are cutting down hardwood trees some of which take over 40 years to mature. What is our government doing about this? Nothing! Why would they care yet they are rich? They have more than enough and will fly out of the country on slightest danger sign.

Half of Mau Forest which has been the greatest water catchment area in Kenya has been cleared. Rivers are drying out and the money to build dams ends up in individuals’ pockets. What is our fate as a country if we continue electing bad leaders in powerful political positions?


Kenya has the most number of public universities. Right now everyone in Kenya is a graduate. How many of these graduates are absorbed in the job market? There are no enough development projects in the country and even when opportunities arise they are handed to the oldies.

Even entry-level jobs in Kenya require experience. Aren’t we destroying the future generation of this country? For how long shall we allow bad leadership to be the root cause of high unemployment levels on Kenya?

High cost of living

The cost of living in Kenya have increased by 150% over the past 10 years. Growing up a loaf of bread used to cost Ksh10 that has increased to Ksh 50. Maize Flour used to go for Ksh 20 per kg, currently, it’s going for Ksh 50. How is bad leadership connected to this? In the financial year 2018/2019, the budget was 2.5 trillion Kenyan shillings of which half of it was borrowed and have to be paid back with interest. Rather than the money financing development projects its ends up in individuals’ pocket pumping it into the economy causing inflation.

The gap between the rich and poor is widening each and every day. Politics is a full-time job. These leaders know that it’s easy to control and manipulate people when they are poor. Seems like they are playing their cards well.

Final verdict

with the current deforestation rate Kenya will soon be a desert. Bad leadership in Kenya- third eye blogs

For how long shall we tolerate bad leaders? A time has come when we should change the basis of electing our leaders. Tribalism is a curse, its high time we break the spell. We can do it, be the change you need in this country for a better Kenya.

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