Deforestation in Kenya; Lets Save Flora

Will there come a time when we shall be bold enough to condemn deforestation in our beautiful country Kenya? Over the past 2 decades we have cleared over 40% of what used to be forest area. Kenya needs someone who can step in the shoes of the late Wangari Maathai. Someone bold, brutal and will stop at nothing other than ensuring that we save flora.

What happened to tree planting day in Kenya?

Former president Mwai Kibaki planting trees on tree planting day

If I’m getting my facts right there was a time we had a tree planting day in Kenya. On this day, everyone including the president was expected to plant a tree. Back then, I was in primary school and every student was given a tree to plant. It didn’t end there, you were also required to water and take care of the tree. Where did such programs go? Is it possible we go back to the good old days?

Charcoal as a source of energy

deforestation as a result of charcoal burning in kenya

We are in the 21st century yet over half of the population in Kenya still rely son charcoal and wood for cooking. This is not the way we should go as a country. There are alternative sources of energy at our disposal but there are no enough education programs to enlighten the public on these alternative. For instance bio-gas is not only a good alternative but renewable. How many people in Kenya know how to make bio-gas? Who is to blame for the lack of knowledge?

Land grabbing

Land grabbing has been a major issue in Kenya since the pre-colonial period. With the growing population land has become scarce. People in powerful positions are now clearing forest land turning it into private property. Land grabbing is responsible for over 20% of the deforestation in Kenya. What shall it take to put an end to this?

Lets protect the water catchment areas in Kenya

Over 40% of Mau Forest has been cleared

As of the time of writing this post over 15 people in Turkana and Baringo had died to starvation. Where did we go wrong? Two decades ago there was no starvation in Kenya. Mau forest was Kenya’s largest water catchment area. Back then Mau Forest was the source of over 7 all season rivers, 5 of which passed through Baringo and Turkana draining in Lake Turkana.

We have cleared nearly over 40% of Mau forest for farming. All the rivers that used to be the only source of water for the nomadic pastrolist community living in this regions before the onset of the rain season have dried out. Unless we act fast the drought situation is only to get worse over the years.

Reafforestation and afforestation in Kenya

Kenya needs reafforestation and afforestation programs. Plants trees where they were cut down and in new areas. Tree planting day should be brought back. There should be more education programs educating the general public on the essence of planting trees and people caught cutting trees illegally should be prosecuted.

Its starts with you

Be the change you need in this country. Don’t wait until the government takes the initiative. Plant a tree today and be the difference. Let’s do the late Wangari Maathai proud for a better tomorrow.

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