The essence of micro influencers and brand ambassadors

What are micro influencers and brand ambassadors? Two decades ago, the most effective way of advertising and creating awareness was TV commercials. Can we say the same thing today? Nowadays most people don’t watch TV and even those who do respond by changing the channel whenever they smell a commercial break. The face of advertisement has changed and companies need to catch up.

Understanding micro influencers and brand ambassadors

A brand ambassador is someone who promotes a product, company or business publicly through his or her connection. A brand ambassador is not a celebrity but rather someone with a significant following (10,000-10,000k followers) on social media and especially Instagram.

Micro influencers one the other hand are everyday people who have accumulated significant following on social media through regular posting. compared to celebs, micro influencers have a smaller audience but provide high engagement value.

Why you should have a brand ambassador and micro influencer for your company

1. Have a high engagement value

Brand ambassadors and micro-influencers may have a smaller audience than the celebs but most of the followers are active. This means that they can reach out to more people through high audience engagement.

2. Considered authentic

Micro influencers and brand ambassadors have a personal connection to the product or company they are promoting. Some don’t require monetary compensation and this is the main reason why they are considered authentic. On the other hand, celebrities have to be paid to endorse a product and won’t hesitate to shift to another product as long as the money is good.

3. Cost-effective

Creating brand awareness with micro influencers and brand ambassadors is cost effective. Why spend lots of cash on commercials or celebrity endorsements?

Final verdict

Marketing as an industry is changing and there are lots of ways to reach out to the target customers. Every serious business or company should see to it that they invest in brand ambassadors and micro-influencers.

Written by Francis Nderi

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