How social media marketing has changed the Influencer market

Influencer marketing isn’t a new idea. It has been there for decades where celebrities were paid to endorse products as a way to create product awareness or boost sales. Over time celebrity endorsement lost its authenticity since people associate it with monetary compensation. Potential customers view the endorsement as purely business rather than a genuine recommendation. Companies have since then shifted to brand ambassadors and micro-influencers

Brand ambassadors and micro influencers are not celebrities

Most companies have not yet grasped the concept of micro influencers and brand ambassadors. Let me come up clear; brand ambassadors and micro-influencer are not celebrities but rather ordinary people who have accumulated a significant following on social media.

Everything you need to know about the influencer market

1. Instagram

Instagram is the most preferred social media platform when it comes to influencer marketing. The following are the findings of a study investigating on the most preferred platform for influencer marketing:

  • 91.9% prefer Instagram
  • 2.7% prefer Facebook
  • 2.7% prefer YouTube
  • 0.7% prefer Twitter

2. Level play platform

Anyone can become a micro influencer or brand ambassador. Creating a social media account is free and no one has a head start. Everyone builds a following from scratch.

3. Companies should align their brand with the right influencer

Brand ambassadors and micro-influencers should translate to an increase in sales. The best influencers have the following qualities:

  • Must be trustworthy
  • Have a personal connection to the product or brand
  • Must engage the followers
  • Should have customer level connection with the audience

4. Proceed with moderation

As much as you would want to increase sales through brand ambassadors and micro-influencers you should proceed with moderation. If you shock it on the customers it will lose its authenticity. And, its bad news if potential customers don’t trust your influencer.

Final verdict

The most effective way to advertise is through social media. As a company its high time you get brand ambassadors and micro influencers.

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