Where did we go wrong and started skin bleaching?

The number of people engaging in skin bleaching practices has increased over the years. Recently, light skin women are often regarded as beautiful and build for success. Does this mean that black is no longer beautiful? Two decades ago people didn’t know about skin bleaching. Then the saying “I’m black and proud” was the order of the day. Where did we go wrong?

Dating pressure

Most men want to date light skin ladies. I had the privilege to ask a few ladies why they bleached and the majority of them was related to dating. There one lady who broke into tears as she explained to me how her 6 years boyfriend left her for her light skinned friend. Honestly, ladies love attention and this explains why most of them succumb to skin bleaching pressure whenever they get rejected or disappointed due to their black complexion.

What is fed to us

In Kenya over 70% of women who get a chance to further their career in media or advertisement are light skinned. What are we feeding to our young generation? If we continue along this path skin bleaching is only going to get worse. Back in the days when I was growing up we dark skin news anchors and the adverts were done by black people. Can we say the same thing today?

Are there bodies in charge of regulating skin bleaching cosmetics?

Skin bleaching is on the rise yet the body in-charge has turned a blind eye. In Rwanda, skin bleaching is illegal at the federal level. Hard decisions have to be made, perhaps if the bleaching reagents are not readily classified as illegal people will stop bleaching

Final verdict

We should go back to the times when we would say I’m black and proud and my black is beautiful. Skin bleaching is not the solution. We must retrace our steps.

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