The current state of dating in Kenya

Dating in Kenya has become quite a complicated affair. The current generation of men are not willing to settle down for something serious whereas the vast majority of ladies are all after money. Where did we all go wrong? Growing up there were lots of quotes about true love and marriage well, in the current generation that is considered crap. The youths are of the slogans “you only live once” and “life is too short”. Well, literally!


YOLO is a slogan for we don’t care anymore. And, as the saying goes, if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. Over 70% of youths in Kenya are into drugs. And not just any kind of drug, weed. Most argue that, the idea of facing reality with a sober mind is stressing.

Dating in Kenya is no longer about love, it about scratch my back I scratch yours. Guys are only after sex whereas ladies are after money. Well, there is no problem with this but at some point in life you are going to need love and affection. There will come a phase in your life where sex alone won’t be enough. Who will you turn to?

The future

The Future

We should expect the number of single mothers to increase drastically in the next 10 yrs. The fertility level among the youths will also go down as a result of engaging in drugs at a very tender age.

I don’t mean to sound old school but if you get someone that loves you back don’t let them go. Cherish them!

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