Unemployment in Kenya a living Nightmare.

Back in the days, the slogan was “education is the key to a good life”. Certainly, this was the case since over 90% of the graduates were absorbed in the job market. Can we say the same thing in 2019? Unemployment in Kenya is at its highest with the youths suffering the most.

Quantity rather than quality education

It has become increasingly easy to get a degree in Kenya. Kenya has over 30 public universities some of which don’t qualify to be iso-satified. Almost everyone these days is a graduate in Kenya. We are to blame for this, we ruined the tertiary education system. We should have stuck to the 8 public universities. Most employers are complaining that the universities are releasing half baked students who can’t even recall the units they studied.


laziness the leading cause of unemployment

I know this is gonna hurt. The current generation of youths in Kenya are very lazy. All they want to do spend their day playing video games, partying or doing drugs. Well, ofcos we can’t forget about complaining about how the government is not creating job opportunities. Kenyans love complaining rather than using the time to build themselves.

White color jobs

white color jobs third eye blogs

Every youth out there wants white color jobs. No one wants to think outside the box and maybe be an entrepreneur or venture into technical courses. There are no enough white color jobs to absorb 30% of the current number of unemployed youths in Kenya.


You can’t say you didn’t see this coming. Corruption is by far the leading cause of unemployment in Kenya. Individual are stealing money meant for development and rather than investing the money back in the economy they are holding the money under mattresses or safes. This leaves the country with less money in circulation and hence high unemployment.

Final Verdict

There you have on why the unemployment rate is on the rise in Kenya. And, to curb it this will take more than complaining on how the government is doing nothing.

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