Why you should have your own blog

Do you always turn to the internet whenever you need something clarified? Learn something new or simply gather more information about a certain topic? The internet is one of the greatest human invention allowing you to access the millions of web pages online. Well, the pages you read on the internet were written.

A personal blog is worth 100 Facebook pages

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t have a Facebook account? Social media has played a major role in uniting people across all races world. You can now easily make your feelings known to your crash all you have to do is poke her or wave at her via message. Pretty awesome, right!? This is because you don’t know the beauty of having a personal blog.

If you own a blog you have the freedom to publish just anything as long as it is not plagiarized. Someone annoys you at the bank as you wait on the line you can blog about it.

A personal blog gives you a chance to share your ideas, views, and fears. Not forgetting the fact that you can earn a living from blogging.

That is all for now.

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