Unmasking Kenyan Churches Today

The gospel was brought to us by the missionaries way before our country got its independence. Their mission was to spread the news to as many people as possible. The missionaries faced lots of hostility but were so determined to spread the gospel despite the language barrier and harsh conditions in Kenya. Can we say the same thing about Kenyan churches today?

“My fathers House Has Become a Business Place”

churches have become a place of business

I stand to be corrected but in the bible, there was this one time when Jesus drove people out of the temple for making His Fathers House a place of business. Something sounds familiar with Kenyan Churches.

Most of the churches in Kenya have become a business place. Pastors ask members to bring items in church for an auction. Wait, can someone please help me define the term business? This is the buying or selling of goods at a profit. Back in the bible, Jesus himself whipped and overturned the tables after finding people doing business in the synagogue. How come I have never heard any preacher in the modern churches preach this? As members what comes to our mind after we read it? Hello, it is in the new testament how could you have not seen it? Mathew 21:12, John 2:13-16.

Dominated by the gospel of giving

Churches in Kenya the greatest fraud third eye blogs

What does the majority of churches in Kenya have in common? They are preaching the gospel of giving. If you want to be blessed you have to give a good sacrifice, for your business to do well you must give tithe. Hey, I am not against giving, my only concern is that this should not be the dominant message in churches.

Here is a common line used by most preachers, “Abraham was asked to sacrifice his only son to God”, Not sure about this but either Elijah or Elisha offered burnt sacrifices to God. I don’t disagree that all these are written in the bible. I stand to be corrected but in the new testaments there were no sacrifices after Jesus died on the cross we became free. There was no need for any sacrifice we could pray directly through Jesus Christ.

Well, as for tithes, Jesus said: “give to Caeser what belongs to Ceaser and ]to God what belongs to God”. Mark 12:17

Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy

This is where it gets sensitive. Among all the religions in Kenya, Christians are the poorest. But why yet we are serving a living God? It is written in the bible remember the sabbath day and keep it holy, in fact, this is one of the 10 commandments gives to Moses.

This is not the case in Kenyan churches, most churches want you to attend services every day of the week. As much as we would want to assume that there is no problem with this, what about work? Does it mean that you should quit work to attend to all church services?

It also not a crime mentioning the fact that most marriages have broken due to church commitments. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say that you shouldn’t be committed to church but if it comes to an extent that it will keep you away from your family don’t you think you should proceed with moderation? “Thinking out loud”. What is the opinion of the media in this?

Faith without action is dead

why christian are the poorest third eye blogs

Paul said that faith without action is dead. If I’m not wrong, other than preaching he also made tents to earn a living. Preaching in Kenya is no longer a calling but a full-time business opportunity.

Among all denominations, Christians have the most faith. Christians are believers and pray a lot however faith without action is dead. Whenever Christians want something positive in their life they rush to the preacher for prayers and expect that things will change magically overnight. What action have you taken for your faith to be termed as alive? Take a step of faith, for instance, if you need a job other than going to be prayed for, apply for as many jobs as possible then pray that you may be considered for at least one chance.

Other than going to the pastor saying that he/she prayed for you yet nothing happened why don’t you start acting blessed. Start visualizing yourself on that dream job, driving that big car, owning that big house, having the family you have always wished for. Now that’s faith with action.

Final verdict

You don’t need any connections to have your prayers answered. Perhaps you are stuck in the same place because you think that it is your pastor who will bless you forgetting that all blessings come from above. No human being is superior, human beings will always disappoint but God never disappoints Cast your faith onto him and not earthly people and perhaps then your life will take a new whole definition.

Someone will hate me for this but as for my tithe, I prefer spending it with the needy. I better visit a children’s home and buy them gifts and food. In my opinion, they need it more than some people we know.

I rest my case.

Written by: Francis Nderi


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