The little boy with a big dream

Talk of a humble beginning and how can it get worse than being born to a single mother who is jobless and non-supportive parents! Little Boy was too young to understand what was going on but his mother showered him with love. To her, this was a miracle baby, a baby that defiled death 3 times.

Little Boy was growing fast and everyone who saw him said he was too intelligent for his age. His Mom found a job however it was 400+kms away. “You have to stay with granny, Little Boy, I know it is hard but there is no other option” Granny had grown to love Little Boy and they were fond of each other. Little Boy stayed with granny and his obedience, intelligence, and ever-smiling face lightened the whole homestead.

third eye blogs on little boy's valid dreams

Little Boy knew the alphabet even before setting foot in class. He was grasping lots of things in his surroundings but they thought he was too young. All these were pilling up and at such a tender age, Little Boy began to understand that the world has its’s goods and bads.

“They grow up so fast, just the other day he was he was crawling, now he is of age to go to school, granny has done such a great job.” Mommy was now settled and ready to take him to school in the city. Little Boy was very excited, it was the first time that he will be living with mommy whom they shared such a strong bond.”

All that time mummy was saving up, Little Boy was taken to the best nursery school in the city. It even had a school bus. Well, back then having a school bus was such as a great deal, in the whole district only 5 nursery schools had a school bus. It was not that his mommy was making a lot of money, she was sacrificing everything to ensure that Little Boy had the best life.

Adjusting to life in the city was pretty challenging and once a bright boy started coming last in class. The school had the so-called cool kids. Little Boy was accustomed to village life, everything he was seeing in the school was new to him. The cool kids communicated in fluent English. The only language that he could speak fluently was his mother tongue.

Despite being a fast learner this was more than he could swallow. He was a loner at school but at home, he blended in perfectly with the other kids. In a class of 14 students, position 14 belonged to Little boy. More of like the other students would even guess who the last student was even before the results were announced in class.

Little boy lacked confidence and always felt out of place. In the exam room instead of writing answers, Little boy never wrote anything on the answer sheet, he felt not worthy to be in the same school with such kids.

Time was moving fast and only two terms were left for the final exam that was to determine if he will graduate to Class 1 or not. “You can do it, son, just believe in your self, they are kids just like you,” mommy said to Little Boy.

That day, when he got to school he approached one of his buddies, the guy who always beat him and became position 13, confidently, he said, in the coming exam you will not defeat me, I will be position 13. “That is the fighting spirit little boy, you are a fighter and a conqueror.”

dreams are valid

In the next exam, little boy felt motivated now that he had challenged his fellow buddy. This time he answered the questions confidently without fear. After two days the results were out, that day the teacher came to class with a packet of biscuits.

A voice inside him would tell him, “you are still the last in class, such a loser.” The results were announced from the last to the first. This time Little Boy was not the last, a position had he had held undisputed since joining the school. Neither is he position 13, there must be something wrong, he is not even in the bottom 5. 9,8,7… and there were murmurs in class, did he sit for the exam? Before reading position 6 the class teacher grabbed the packet of biscuits and said “this is a present for the most improved student” and little boys name was read. Everybody clapped as he walked to get the packet of biscuits.

That day Little Boy was not a loner anymore, everybody wanted to be his friend and have a share of the biscuits. This gave him confidence, “these cool kids are not better than me, they only come from a well up family,” he must have thought out loud.

There was still one more exam before graduating, the pressure was on, “he must have cheated, we shall see if he gets the same in the next exam.” The stakes were too high and Little boy wasn’t ready to go back to his old self. This time he prepared adequately for the tests. If he fails he won’t graduate.

The exams were to be done in 3 days wherein the final day only one paper was allocated. Little Boy was finding the papers rather friendly though second-guessing himself. On the final day, mommy woke up rather too early, prepared him but rather than him wearing uniform mommy asked him to wear his Sunday best.

” Am I not going to school?” “Unfortunately we have to go and see granny there is an emergency” One that he later came to learn was a burial of a close relative. He was a very obedient boy and didn’t ask any more question, he got ready to go to granny’s place.

Everything was successful and after coming back to the city mommy went to school to inquire how her son faired in the exam. Without, siting for one paper, Little Boy was position 3. Mommy didn’t believe it, the teacher was still in shock. He did it, he can now proceed to Class 1.

Will he keep up the excellent performance?

How will his social life be?

How old is he now?

Did he make it?

Who is Little Boy?

What is this big dream?

Written upon a true-life story

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