A country heading to the drain: Kenya our Beautiful Nation

Kenya is a peaceful country on the horn of Africa. Its capital city is Nairobi which is a Maasai name for a place of cool water. Kenya boasts of having the 7th wonder of the world; the great wildebeest migration. The estimated population is 50 million however, this is a country on the drain.

Nairobi the green city?

Form the history books, the name Nairobi is a Maasai name for “place of cool water”. Are the waters still cool or have rivers become dumping sites? I just hope that we don’t channel raw sewage to the rivers. Why would we? We are Kenya, one of the most civilized and rational countries in the world?

kenya on the drain

To understand the awesomeness of having a river running through a city you should visit Amsterdam, leave alone visit, just have a look at the pictures of the city. But anyway who cares, it is still the largest and the most developed city in Eastern Africa.

third eye blogs

Who is to blame? Oooh! I forgot we are so good at pointing fingers and complaining. This is not a one-man’s problem it is a Kenyan problem.

A country in debt

Kenya is on a debt crisis and there no clear means on how the debt will be paid. The good thing is, all the borrowed money is channeled into developed programs. For a country where corruption is on the lower side why should borrowing be a problem?

corruption in kenya, third eye blogs

From a Kenyan perspective, what is corruption? A political strategy to frustrate the presidential candidacy of a particular strong presidential candidate come to the next general election

From basic business, a loan is paid with interest. I am no expert in this but how will we raise the money to pay the debt? Who cares anyway, “they will elect us back in power come the next election, we are tribes mate” Our tribe has to produce a presidential candidate. It is easy to control people when they are poor and politics is a full-time job.

Divided along ethnic lines

Instead of using our diversity as a strength, it is used as a sign of division. More than 50 years of independence and we are still divided along ethnic lines.

tribalism in kenya

We are seen as voting blocks, more of like foot soldiers of some dirty project. Not just soldiers but royal foot soldiers. Its time Kenyans change the basis of arriving at leaders.

Usipoziba ufa utajenga ukuta” This is our country, the lit will fly out of the country on the first sight of danger.

Final verdict

The national anthem says it all. And, no man is greater than Kenya. The term government means the will of the people, for the people. Quit complaining, be the change you need in this country.

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