A Depressed Generation of Youths in Kenya

Kenyan youths are very proactive, creative and smart, they just lack a platform to showcase their various skills and talents. Most of the youths in Kenya right now don’t know what to do with their lives anymore. Back in the days, our forefathers used to inherit land from their parents, it wasn’t much, however, just enough to sustain them as they transitioned to adulthood.

Nowadays youths have to work their way up, there is little to nothing to inherit. Ofcos, there is no problem with that but how do you work yourself up if not given a chance? Over 65% of the youths are unemployed. What is the scope?

The pressure to support parents and siblings

I know of a scenario where parents had to sell a piece of land to educate their firstborn son in the hopes that he will support them and help them and his siblings. He went through university and graduate with first-class honors. He got a job at some insurance company but they underpay him, the money he gets is not enough to sustain him leave alone to support his parents and siblings.

Tricky dating life for youths in Kenya

Back in the days when there was true love, two people with a promising future stayed together and hustled their way up. This is not the case with most women in the modern Kenyan Society. Women want someone with a job, a car, and a house. In fact, this is the first thing they judge a man on.

As a man, if you are neither not rich, handsome or a hunk chances are that ladies will not want anything to do with you. That reminds me of something, the not so super hot ladies talk about inner beauty. Too bad that on the boychild there is no inner beauty.

There might be justified for women wanting men with money. There are some ladies who claim that they once stayed with a man when he had little to nothing but on getting rich he dumped her for another girl. How do you expect her to do the same?

Drugs among youths in Kenya

One of the main reasons why the use of drugs among youths is on the rise is due to the fact that reality is too hard and harsh to face when sobber. Drugs are not a solution but at the same time the youths should be supported, relevant bodies should work day and night to ensure that we secure the future of this country. The youths hold the future of this country.

The love for meme

Kenyan youths create some of the best memes in the world. Some might be in Swahili but the humor in it is what keep most youths goings helping them forget their flows though only for a few minutes.

Final verdict

Most Kenyan youths may look okay but deep down, they are drowning. Drowning with no one to understand them, leave alone answer their call for help.

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