Fighting cancer in Kenya

Cancer cases are on the rise most of which are not recorded due to the simple fact that cancer treatments are very expensive in Kenya. For a country where more than a third of the citizens are struggling to put food on the table, how many can afford to pay for cancer screening leave alone the treatment? This brings us to the question for the day, how do we go about fighting cancer in Kenya

Create cancer awareness in Kenya

The general public knows little to nothing about cancer. There was a time when aids cases were on the rise in the country and back then there were more efforts to educate people on the disease and how they can protect themselves. We are leaping the fruits of those efforts since more people are able to stay clear of the disease.

Why isn’t cancer taken with such seriousness, unlike HIV/AIDS, if cancer is detected early it can be treated. Most people in Kenya including the lit and intelligent have lots of misconceptions about this deadly disease.

fight cancer in Kenya, third eye blogs

Here are some disturbing facts, in a research conducted in 2017, in the United States approximately 1650 people succumb to cancer every day. Yes, we are Kenya but back in your mind you should know that in the United States they have better medical facilities and cancer treatment is subsidized and free to the majority of the general public.

As a country, if we are to succeed in fighting cancer the first step should be creating awareness, People should know what causes cancer, the signs and symptoms of the various types of cancer and where to get treatment.

There is a saying in Swahili that says ” Usipoziba ufa utajenga ukuta” “If you don’t repair a crack on the house chances are you will be forced to build the whole wall” Kenyans are quick at forgetting just anything, I just hope this won’t be one of them, cancer is a deadly disease and we can only succeed in fighting it in Kenya if we work as a team.

Final Thoughts

Bad living habits are the reason behind the increased cancer cases in Kenya. This is still a new disease to us, on the brighter side, if enlightened on the kind of lifestyle to avoid to lead a cancer-free life we will have taken a huge step in fighting cancer in Kenya. It is not yet too late but it has to start today.

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