How much are you worth?

For a question that simple and straight forward as “how much are you worth?”, how many people can answer it without hesitation and second guesses? Well, no one can help you evaluate your worth buy maybe this will help; “if you stand for nothing you will fall for anything.”


It is a free country and a free world. As long as you are not breaking the rules never shy off from letting something off your chest. Your confidence is the first thing people will look at when evaluating you. Not confident enough? It is totally normal, how about you view things in a whole different angle? ” What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?”

Give your all

Life is too short to hold back on somethings. Give your all when you can and when you feel its worth. In life you are either giving or taking, don’t be the guy who is always taking. Be of value, be vigilant and aggressive.

The law of attraction

The law of attraction works on a basic principle that you attract what you possess. If you are the kind of person who is always negative then negativity shall come your way, Keep it positive all the time.

So, how much are you worth?

A certain guy was called for an interview in an upcoming company. By the looked the guy looked just simple but had over 6 years of experience working on such a similar field. He got the job!

On his first day at work before discussing the terms of the contract he was assigned specific tasks, this was something he would have done effectively. He had worked as an auditor, after completing the tasks he took time to audit the company and discovered so many things that needed improvements.

In the evening the boss called him so as to discuss the terms of the contract, the quote that he stated was way below what he anticipated, it was even less than what he was making on a typical month at home.

The guy knew that he was a team player and the knowledge and experience he had would have contributed to the growth of the company. Though not contented he accepted the terms of the contract.

” Am I worth what the company is offering?” He must have thought out loud. He wrote down a list of things that he would offer the company and presented them to the boss who listened to everything he had to say. ” For a company to grow, it needs diversification”,

The boss knew that this guy had so much potential but wasn’t willing to give in to his demands. He made it clear that he had two options “take the offer or leave it.” He didn’t take the offer and politely walked out!!

Final verdict

Kenny Rogers wouldn’t have said it any better.

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