Why most people with a high IQ are loners

No man is an Island, to make it in life you have to do it as a team. How true is this? On the contrary, people with high IQ tend to have few friends. Does this mean that they don’t know the essence of working as a team?

Well, by loner this doesn’t mean that they lock themselves indoors and only come out when they are sure no one is watching. That is a disorder by its own caliber. The kind of a loner in this context refers to having fewer friends and enjoying more of self-time rather than hanging out in large groups.

  1. Less fake friends
High IQ people can tell fake friends

Have you ever had a friend or friends who you thought were so dear to you only for them to end up betraying you? Friends you considered as sisters or brothers not knowing that they were hissing behind your back?

People with high IQ know that the larger the friends’ circle is, the higher the chances of having fake friends. They take time to examine people in attempts to evaluate them. Only people who pass their evaluation will make the friends list.

2. People with high IQ listen more and talk less

why most people with high IQ are loners

No offense but everyone thinks they have a high IQ. Everyone thinks they are too smart, critical thinkers and have a psychic ability to read other people’s mind and predict their next move. To some extent, this helps build self-confidence, which is super awesome though based on an illusion.

People with high IQ on the other hand never think of themselves as having a high IQ. To them, everything is all normal as it has always been since the day they were born. There is no need to try too hard to prove they have a high IQ, they listen more and talk less.

They intentionally don’t respond to everything that is said, more of you might think they didn’t hear it. They did but have a high IQ to know that, not everything is worth a reaction.

3. A problem shared is half solved?

third eye blogs by francis nderi

There is a saying that goes, a problem shared is half solved. Well, there is no objection to this. People with high IQ tend not to share their problems, this is not always healthy since at some point it ends up consuming them. However, what is the essence of sharing it with 10 people who will not give reasonable solutions but will only spread the news?

People with high IQ tend to find solutions to their own problems, not that they don’t all share but when they do it is always someone dear to them or a professional. Their mind works best when they are alone.

4. Unmask people for who they really are

There was something mentioned earlier about reading someone’s mind. People with high IQ can with near accuracy judge someone’s character within the first few seconds of their encounter.

They talk less meaning that they rarely take charge of a conversation unless it is really necessary. Here is the deal with this, if you are doing more of listening than talking you can unmask people for who they really are and their perception towards you based on their line of conversation.

Further explaining why most people with a high IQ tend to be loners. As much as being able to tell what someone is thinking about a given situation may sound super cool, it is more of a curse, trust me, you are better of if you don’t know some things.

Final verdict

If you think you have such a high IQ, tell your friends about how smart you are and always trying to find ways to better it. Well, sorry to say this but you have an average or below-average IQ. Oops! Chances are that the guy you see as stupid and overwhelmingly dump, that’s our guy. Always be humble.

“When you first came to this world someone washed your tender and delicate body, the day you die someone will wash your lifeless body.” Stay humble!

Written by Francis Nderi

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