The politics of Mau forest Eviction

Beyond no shadow of a doubt, Mau forest is Kenya’s largest water catchment area. That is one part of the dice, this also happens to be one of the most fertile land in the country. Why not grab it, turn it into individual property? After all, Kenya is a land for the strongest. Grab as much as you can before someone else does. The politics of Mau forest Eviction.

The State of Democracy in Kenya

Democracy in Kenya under threat
Democracy in Kenya

Kenya is a democratic country located on the horn of Africa. Kenya got her independence in 1963 from the then colonial government but for what? Only to be colonized by our very own, people we solemnly elected to power?

What is democracy? This is the will of the people for the people. Is it the will of the larger majority of Kenyans that Mau forest becomes private land? When I was in school, one of the Swahili set books was ” Kifo Kisimani“. It was all about leadership and how people wait until things get out of hand to act. Something sounds familiar??

Mau forest Eviction Politricks

mau encroachment nothing is done- third eye blogs

To most Kenyans, politics comes once every 5 years. Here is a shocker, politics is a full-time job. Every day politicians are finding new strategy to win over the mob.

For many years, Mau forest encroachments have been a heated debate. The last person who was thorough and brutal in evicting people from Mau forest was one the former prime minister. This wasn’t taken lightly by the dominant community and cost him the presidency seat in 2013.

No one wants to take responsibility of Mau forest despite knowing that this is Kenya’s largest water catchment area. Somehow securing the future of the country in terms of water security isn’t as important as selfish political interests.

Welcome to Kenya, the democratic land of plenty.

What needs to be done (Mau Eviction Politics)

The day we stop being divided along ethnic lines as a country thats when things will take a whole new definition. We should embrace our different ethnic groups and be proud of our diversity. Why do we let politicians use this as a tool to further their political agenda at our expense?

Just like Martin Luther King, ” I also have a dream that one day Kenya will change their basis of electing leaders and stop being divided along ethnic lines”

We need someone bold and brutal like the late Wangari Maathai to protect our water catchment areas. End the politics of Mau forest.

Kenya is greater than selfish powerful individuals. ” Democracy- the will of the people for the people”


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