Tame the Dragon before it destroys us: Tribalism in Kenya

high time we tame tribalism in Kenya

A wise man once said “once bitten twice shy”. I am in no capacity to call myself wise but one can say this saying doesn’t apply to Kenyans. Don’t get me wrong, I love my country only that we are headed in the wrong direction. The good news is we all know that we are headed in the wrong direction a path set to us way back before our independence. The bad news is, we doubt our capability to make an impact on individual level.

Tribalism in Kenya is a curse passed from generation to generation. Blood has been shed, life lost and people left homeless. Well, this is something we all don’t know, or do we?

Taking a walk on a normal day certainly I don’t have a problem with people form lower Nyanza nor the great Mount Kenya region. This can only mean that there has to be something fueling tribalism; competition and greed for POWER! Money is good, it will buy you happiness and all the fine things in life but power makes you immortal. Once you have power you don’t want to lose it not even for money and how best cling into power than ensuring people stay divided along ethnic lines?

Is there a way out? Yes! ” United we stand divided we fall” But it has to start somewhere, it starts with you. ” I am Maasai, I am a Kalenjin, I am a Mijikenda …” There should be no titles, we are all Kenyans. Make a decision to evaluate someone based on what they can offer and not where they come from. (Low tone) It is easy to control and manipulate a population when they are divided and poor.

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