Corruption, Greediness, Tribalism: 2022 General Elections in Kenya

The time for Kenyans to elect the lot of leaders they want in office for the next 5 years is here. Well, it is quite predictable how things will unfold. Mount Kenya is going to vote as a block? Luos too, Not forgetting the Kalenjins, Kambas and Maasai. What of the Njemps? Ofcos, no one cares, there are only a handful of them in Kenya.

Who benefits when we are divided along ethnic lines? Take a close look at Kenya’s politics. Our esteemed leaders sell tribal politics to cling to power. ” Sisi kama Wakisii, Sisi kama jamii ya Wauhya, sisi kama Wameru”. Give me a break. For how long shall we allow low IQ, greedy, tribal and corrupt leaders take us for a ride and drain our country’s resources.????? They never have anything meaningful to say, whereas in other countries aspirants sells their development agendas, here in Kenya they will sell tribal politics. Astonishing enough we fall for it.

We cant keep doing the same thing and expect different results. A time has come for us Kenyans to stand tall and say no to tribalism and corruption. Stop voting along ethnic lines and choose candidate based on their development agendas. Easy said than done, right? Well, the alternative is electing the same lot of corrupt and greedy leaders in office and for the next 5 years complain how we made a mistake. Choose your poison wisely.

We can change our country for the better and it has to start with electing competent leaders with a passion to transform Kenya to the next Singapore and Japan. Leaders with integrity and with the well being of Kenyans at heart.

On an individual level, we might doubt our ability to make an impact, but everything has to have a start. Make a decision today not to vote along ethnic lines but instead choose a leader who will make Kenya a better place. It doesn’t matter if you are the only one with such a hype. Change starts with you and it starts today.

Let us all join hands and send home all greedy, corrupt and tribal leaders. Kenya is bigger than some cheap minded selfish individual who use tribal politics to secure political seats. We can do this!

“United we stand, divided THEY will take advantage of us.” Kenya can be great once again, the ball is in your court!!!

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