How much are you worth?

For a question that simple and straight forward as "how much are you worth?", how many people can answer it without hesitation and second guesses? Well, no one can help you evaluate your worth buy maybe this will help; "if you stand for nothing you will fall for anything." Confidence It is a free country... Continue Reading →

How social media marketing has changed the Influencer market

Influencer marketing isn't a new idea. It has been there for decades where celebrities were paid to endorse products as a way to create product awareness or boost sales. Over time celebrity endorsement lost its authenticity since people associate it with monetary compensation. Potential customers view the endorsement as purely business rather than a genuine... Continue Reading →

The essence of micro influencers and brand ambassadors

What are micro influencers and brand ambassadors? Two decades ago, the most effective way of advertising and creating awareness was TV commercials. Can we say the same thing today? Nowadays most people don't watch TV and even those who do respond by changing the channel whenever they smell a commercial break. The face of advertisement... Continue Reading →

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