Corruption, Greediness, Tribalism: 2022 General Elections in Kenya

The time for Kenyans to elect the lot of leaders they want in office for the next 5 years is here. Well, it is quite predictable how things will unfold. Mount Kenya is going to vote as a block? Luos too, Not forgetting the Kalenjins, Kambas and Maasai. What of the Njemps? Ofcos, no one... Continue Reading →

Bad Leadership in Kenya the Root Cause of all Problems

Bad leadership is to blame for the high unemployment rate among the youths, corruption, fueling tribalism and the current drought in Kenya. Even with the 2007 post-election violence scar still fresh in our memories we are still divided along ethnic lines. Rather than voting for someone with development agendas, we vote for our tribe-mate. Corruption... Continue Reading →

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