Fighting cancer in Kenya

Cancer cases are on the rise most of which are not recorded due to the simple fact that cancer treatments are very expensive in Kenya. For a country where more than a third of the citizens are struggling to put food on the table, how many can afford to pay for cancer screening leave alone... Continue Reading →


The little boy with a big dream

Talk of a humble beginning and how can it get worse than being born to a single mother who is jobless and non-supportive parents! Little Boy was too young to understand what was going on but his mother showered him with love. To her, this was a miracle baby, a baby that defiled death 3... Continue Reading →

Why you should have your own blog

Do you always turn to the internet whenever you need something clarified? Learn something new or simply gather more information about a certain topic? The internet is one of the greatest human invention allowing you to access the millions of web pages online. Well, the pages you read on the internet were written. A personal... Continue Reading →

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